My how my life has changed!

Two months ago I could sit infront of my laptop in the evening, browsing properties in SW France and Somerset: dreaming.  Now, however, my evenings are a whirl of tweeting, scheduling posts on Hootsuite, trying to understand how to use LinkedIn, noting down my passwords for gmail, mailchimp, website, godaddy, createspace, wordpress, onedrive and so on.  I'm finding everything that needs reading, researching, joining or liking overwhelming. The  crazy-looking Emu in the photo looks how I feel.  But I mustn't complain, because apparently, such is the life of a writer. 

Tonight, however, I'm taking the time to only write this blog and then celebrate.  Why?  Well, Spaghetti Head has been available as a kindle eBook for the last 6 weeks.  Today it became  available as a PAPERBACK!!  It feels like a massively monumental moment: a story that I have held very close to my heart has jumped through it's final hoop. 

Tomorrow evening I'll be back on my lap-top trying to figure out how to let people know that it's out there, waiting to be discovered.

Until then, cheers!