i am a full-time gardener and part-time writer. I would love those two to be the other way around! i am currently working on a second book about my gardening life in france, and i also host a bi-annual writers’ workshop.

book no. 1 - Spaghetti Head

Can Nell eliminate her inner critic and finally find love?  Could life be that simple?
‘I am just so excited to talk about this book! It is a passionate and delicate, yet truly heart tugging way of conveying mental health and its impact - an adventurous and brutally brave debut novel’. Books Beyond the Story


book no. 2

Currently a work in progress - and without a title as of yet.
It’s about gardens and France and colour and wellbeing
and weather and rain and mulch.


the writers’ workshop, france

‘From professionals to wannabe writers I defy any one person with an interest in writing to not be inspired by these workshops. You will be privy to a wealth of valuable insider knowledge and you will be constantly supported for personal success whatever that may be.  If you don’t have a voice…you may well find it in these workshops.  I did.  I went from NO confidence, I think I might just keep starting things and not finishing them, to I am going to be a novelist.  Since the course I have managed over 50,000 words some of which I am actually pleased with! You are given professional direction that leaves you feeling like you’ve been touched by magic’. Liz, September 2018 workshop participant.  

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About Me

 I have written a diary since I was twelve, and some years ago I thought to myself ‘hey, that must mean I’m a writer’ – and so I embarked on short stories.  I never quite got the hang of those, but drew a picture of a jumbled pile of spaghetti one day, that I felt represented my thoughts and emotions at that time – and the seed was sewn for the idea of my first novel Spaghetti Head. 

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