Never underestimate the potential of social media

I was very sceptical about having to enter into the world of social media after I'd published Spaghetti Head.  Little did I know at the time how many new and incredibly supportive connections I would make with people.  Without being on twitter, for example, I would never have met the very talented Emily Williams, best-selling author of Letters to Eloise and Rafferty Lincoln Loves.

As both Emily and I know, for unknown authors it can be a bit of a jungle out there.

For Emily, the biggest challenge she has found is being noticed in a sea of other equally fantastic authors. Ensuring your writing is great quality is the first important step but even then finding readers willing to take a risk on an unknown author is very challenging.

Emily shares my thoughts with regards social media connections and says that she has been incredibly lucky with the support of fantastic book bloggers and reviewers - all who have been so kind. 

Emily is hoping that one day she will succeed in getting her name known out there as an author, and so if she had to give a piece of advice to other writers it would be to keep going: remember it all takes more time than you hoped or thought and to never give up! If its what you enjoy, then its all worth it.

Happy writing and never understimate the value of social media connections!

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