Ways to sell your paperback.

Bonnes, a beautiful french village that runs along the banks of the river Dronne, held an 'Art au jardins' weekend on the 21st and 22nd July. 

Thirteen years ago when I came to France for 6 months armed with my diaries, my bike, a pair of wellies and my computer, I rented a studio in one of the houses in Bonnes.  For those 6 months I went through all of my diaries from the age of 11 and typed them into my computer.  It was incredibly therapeutic - I was re-united with people and places that I had completely forgotten.  I walked Charlotte's (the studio owner) two dogs every day for two hours and had a productive and fantastic time.  I decided to buy a small house in a neighbouring village, pack up my life in the UK and come out here to write.

So it was fitting that thirteen years later I should set up a stand in Charlotte's garden for the art weekend selling Spaghetti Head.  I felt as if I had come full circle.

We had a steady stream of people enjoying the open-gardens and I chatted to most of them.  I was bowled over by how interested and friendly people were and how easily they bought a copy of S Head.  I sold 20 in all - which I thought was amazing.  And it was an invaluable exercise for me because I realised that the creative side of setting up the stand, chatting to people, smiling, laughing, is what I really enjoy doing, and so at every opportunity I will attempt to keep Spaghetti Head out there on a road-tour. 

If you have a paperback to sell I can recommend getting out amongst your readers and saying hello.