Branching out.

Throughout my time writing and re-writing Spaghetti Head, I searched in writing magazines and online for a decent writing workshop/retreat to attend.  Some I found were really interesting but over-priced, others I found were affordable but didn't offer what I was looking for.  So, once I'd published Spaghetti Head I thought, hang on, why don't I have a look at hosting a workshop/retreat myself.
Fast forward a few months, and Becky Slack (a fellow writer based in France) and I have decided to offer budding writers the opportunity of attending the workshop that I could never find.  We've called it l'atelier des écrivains - the Writers' Workshop, France.
Set just outside one of France's most Beautiful Villages (Aubeterre-sur-Dronne), we're kicking off with a Getting Started workshop, held over a long weekend from September 20-24th.  If I'd found a workshop like this to attend way back when would my writing journey have been any different?  Who knows. I know I would have enjoyed it.
Find out more about the workshop by clicking on the link below the photo. 


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